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  • Original Kale Chips

    The Original & Most Popular Flavor!
    $8.50/ 2 oz. container

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  • Garlic Scallion

    Garlic Scallion
    If you love garlic, this one is for you! $8.50/ 2 oz. container

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  • Olive OIl

    Olive Oil and Sea Salt
    6 oz. of fresh kale in each package! $8.50/ 1 oz. container

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  • Smokey Chipotle

    Smokey Chipotle
    $8.50/ 2 oz. container

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  • Yammy Maple

    Yammy Maple Coconut
    $8.50/ 2 oz. container

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  • Sampler Gift Pack

    Not sure what flavor to buy? Try all five flavors in a sample pack.
    $40/ case of five 2oz. containers

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vermont kale chips

Janice Blair,owner of Vermont Kale Chips


Vermont Kale Chips’ Mission is to nurture the growth of a strong healthy spirit in all people. When you make healthy food choices, you will feel better about yourself and your spirit will grow. So, stop, breathe, and know when you eat Vermont Kale Chips you are nourishing your spirit as well as your body.

On top of all that, need I say, they are delicious!


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