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Eat Well. Feel Good. Do Good.

Vermont Kale Chips.

Eat well. Feel good. Do good.


Vermont Kale ChipsBack in 2011 I was 40 pounds overweight, depressed, and “sick and tired of being sick and tired”. I eliminated all things white from my diet – in other words all processed foods – and started eating lots of foods that were green. I felt so much better. I started doing Bikram Yoga and gardening – basically, I started taking care of myself. I had made a commitment to myself – a commitment to love myself, take care of myself, and never to give up – even if I wasn’t doing it “perfectly.” And I didn’t give up. That led to FEELING GOOD….


Yes, I started feeling better – in fact I felt great. I became more engaged with people, and felt more connected. I paid attention when I felt joy, and it was often when I was able to do something that I knew was good for me but took willingness and/or courage to do. And it almost always involved interacting with others. I found that the more I gave the more I got.

DO GOOD.Vermont Kale Chips

My spirit grew. And the question changed from, “what is going to make me happy” to “what do I have to give and how can I be of service?”

After eating kale chips for the 1st time at Leafy Greens in St. Petersburg, FL, and being blown away by how delicious they were, I thought to myself “I can make these.”  So I Googled “how to make kale chips,” borrowed my friend’s dehydrator, and tried it. Divinely inspired, Vermont Kale Chips was born on July 28, 2011. Since then, Vermont Kale Chips has grown from 2 dehydrators in my house, washing kale in my kitchen sink, and storing the kale in my cold attic, to a dedicated production space with 12 large dehydrators, a beautiful 3 bay sink, and a walk in refrigerator.  I am happy to support Foote Brook Farm in Johnson, VT where I seasonally source organic kale and employ a dynamite kale chip maker, Brad Schauerman, my right hand man. We have fun making kale chips with the music playing – lots of good energy goes into making Vermont Kale Chips. We are not a big company, all our chips are hand made and packaged and you can see and taste the difference that makes



That’s what happened for me and that’s how I happened to start the Vermont Kale Chips Company.

Vermont Kale Chips’ Mission is to nurture the growth of a strong healthy spirit in all people. When you make healthy food choices, you will feel better about yourself and your spirit will grow. So, stop, breathe, and know when you eat Vermont Kale Chips you are nourishing your spirit as well as your body.

On top of all that, need I say, they are delicious!