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How do you make your kale chips?
We de-stem and wash the kale, dress them with a delicious sauce (or just olive oil and salt!), and dehydrate them at a low temperature until they are crispy and delicious.

Are your products gluten free?
Yes, our kale chips are gluten free.

Are your products vegan?
Yes, our products are vegan.

Do you use organic kale?
Yes, when we are able to source local organic kale during the months of June through November our kale chips are made with organic kale. Up here in Vermont kale can be grown during the winter in double insulated greenhouses. We are currently in conversation with an organic grower for the 2014-2015 winter season.

Where can I buy your kale chips?
Vermont Kale Chips are sold in a wide variety of stores: health food stores, food coops, gourmet delis, and specialty markets. Use the “Store Locations” (link) to find the store nearest you. You can also buy them “Online” (link)

Why do you use plastic containers? And what is that little white thing in the package for?
Our goal is to deliver to you the freshest, most beautiful, and tastiest kale chips available. To accomplish this we use a plastic container that keeps the kale chips from getting crushed and keeps them crispy. This plastic container can be reused and recycled.
The little white thing in the package is a desiccant. It absorbs moisture and keeps the chips crispy. It too can be recycled. To find out more about what you can do with desiccants click here.